Which bag do I need? From Warm Weather to Zero Degree Sleeping Bags

Choosing the right sleeping bag can be the difference between a great night sleep and a night of discomfort. A zero degree sleeping bag might be great for a cold evening, but way too much heat for summer camping. Sleeping bags for backpacking have a different set of criteria. When considering what you and your family will need, think about:

Temperature Ratings

Bag Shape

Bag Size

Typically, the first few seconds spent inside a sleeping bag indicate the overall quality of the night about to come. Coleman® bags - warm, roomy, responsive to your every movement - adapt to the bedtime needs of the moment. Built for recreational activity, ambient temperature, your body size and your preference in added features, Coleman’s washable bags fit you. Now, Coleman has an adjustable sleeping bag, keeping you comfortable in warm and cool weather with multiple layers you can customize to your needs. They fit the way you live your life outdoors. Like, as the old saying goes, it fits like a glove.