Retro Rechargeable Full-Size Lantern

Model No.2000000850
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Take a piece of modern history with you when you light the way with a Coleman® Retro Rechargeable Family-Size Lantern. This 360° light only looks like your grandpa's lantern. The cool-touch 11-watt fluorescent light has four settings—high, low, nightlight and off. With a runtime of up to 6 hours on high and 9 hours on low, the power will likely come back on before you need to charge it again using the 120 V and 12 V adaptors housed in the base. It's easy to find the lantern in case of emergency, because it automatically turns on when the power goes out. You'll feel confident when you unplug it, grab it by its large handle and lead your family to shelter.

  • Rechargeable florescent light, 120 V and 12 V adaptors included
  • Cool-touch 11-watt spiral U-tube for brighter, whiter light
  • Quick-release lever for easy bulb replacement
  • Reflector directs beams upward and outward for efficient use of light
  • Four settings: high, low, nightlight and off
  • Ultra bright, up to 280 lumens
  • 39-ft. (12-m) range
  • Runs up to 6 hours on high and 9 hours on low
  • Easy locating function, lantern automatically turns on when it's plugged in and the power goes out
  • Recyclable battery for less landfill waste
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in China
  • Fluorescent tube(s) contain mercury (Hg) and must be recycled or disposed of according to local, state or federal laws

Item # QTY Part # Description Price
5312-1241 GLOBE & TOP COVER (RED) $6.75
5010000244 11-watt Spiral Fluorescent. Bulb $4.26
5312-132 NIGHTLIGHT CAP $2.99
4 Temporarily Unavailable 5357-129 12V NL BULB $2.50
5 Temporarily Unavailable 5312-1161 Base $2.50
6 Temporarily Unavailable 5312-1101 12V DC Charge Cord $3.00
7 Temporarily Unavailable 5312-1151 120 V AC Charging Transformer (Replaced by 5327-1151 Transformer) $8.19
7 Temporarily Unavailable 5327-1151 120-VOLT AC ADAPTER $8.34


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