Instant Tent 10

Model No.2000005512
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Item # QTY Part # Description Price
5010000845 Plastic Clip 16 mm $2.99
5010000846 Plastic Clip 20mm $2.99
5010000856 Fabric Joint Cover $2.99
4 Temporarily Unavailable 5010000851 Plastic Corner Joint $2.99
5 Temporarily Unavailable 5010001068 Shelter Base Connector 3 mm $2.99
6 Temporarily Unavailable 5010000833 Steel Roof Pole $4.41
7 Temporarily Unavailable 5010000834 Steel Side Roof Pole $4.41
8 Temporarily Unavailable 5010000835 Steel Extendable Side Leg Pole $4.23
9 Temporarily Unavailable 5010000836 Steel Extendable Corner Leg Pole $4.44
5010000852 Fabric Repair Kit $2.99


Coleman replacement parts are intended for use only on specific Coleman products. Any other use of Coleman replacement parts is strictly prohibited. Use of Coleman replacement parts on the wrong Coleman product, or for non-approved applications, may cause poor product performance and can cause serious personal injury, property damage or death.

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