Universal Tent Pole Repair Kits


Coleman provides universal tent pole repair kits so that you can fix or replace a tent pole in case one is not available for you particular tent. The kits come complete with instructions on how to customize the poles for your tent.

  • First, determine whether you need to repair a pole or replace a pole.
    The Coleman® Tent Pole Repair Kit is designed to replace a damaged individual pole section within a fiberglass pole.
    The Coleman® Tent Pole Replacement Kit is designed to replace a whole fiberglass pole.
  • Second, you will need to determine the diameter of your tent pole?
    If you cannot measure the diameter of your pole, print this guide for sizing.
  • If you are replacing an entire pole, you may need to order more than one kit to match the length of the original pole. Measure to be sure. 
  • Once you know what type of kit you need and the diameter of the pole you need, click here to purchase your kit.


Coleman replacement parts are intended for use only on specific Coleman products. Any other use of Coleman replacement parts is strictly prohibited. Use of Coleman replacement parts on the wrong Coleman product, or for non-approved applications, may cause poor product performance and can cause serious personal injury, property damage or death.
If you have any questions about the appropriate replacement part for your Coleman product, call customer service at 800-835-3278, email us or online chat.