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Man sitting next to a Coleman tent at a campsite. Man sitting next to a Coleman tent at a campsite.

You’re ready to go on a camping adventure with your friends and family and want to make it a memorable experience. While you’re busy considering meal options and what gear to pack, last-minute concerns are sure to arise. However, with a little planning and an optimistic attitude, you can make your camping trip one to remember.



1. Make a checklist:

It sounds simple, but campers often forget basics like personal items and towels. Use the Coleman – Get Outdoors App to help make a list. Ask friends that camp often for ideas.

Man unpacking a car full of Coleman camping equipment. Man unpacking a car full of Coleman camping equipment.

2. Be reservation-ready:

Get an idea of available campsites by checking the campground online. When you call to reserve your campsite, be sure to have your credit card on hand. Many places require one just to hold your spot.

3. Check the pet policy before heading out:

Many campgrounds limit which breeds they’ll allow on the grounds. If you’re planning to bring your pet along, first check the campground regulations to make sure they’re welcome. If anyone in your group is uncomfortable around certain breeds, you’ll want to know what to expect.

Dalmation dog sitting in a red Coleman tent. Dalmation dog sitting in a red Coleman tent.

4. Make plans:

Some campers are content with a day of fishing, but you might have different ideas. Look for campsites that most closely match your group’s wish list. Make sure to research if there are any costs associated with activities. Know which have restrictions and if they require licenses or permits.

5. Talk to your neighbors:

Campers tend to be some of the friendliest and most helpful people you meet. Make fast friends with nearby campers. The couple with dinner on the grill and relaxing in their bag chairs just 20 minutes after getting to the site? Talk to them - they’re most likely seasoned pros.

A couple of things to remember:

While it’s important to know what to do, it’s also crucial to know what not to do.

Don’t let one person do all the work:

Remember camping isn’t a spectator sport. The most successful camps are ones where everyone gets involved. When each camper has a role and understands it well, the site gets set up faster so everyone can relax and enjoy spending time together - sooner.

Leave it better than you found it:

After setting up your tent, one of the first things you should establish is a place to dispose of your trash. Encourage everyone in your party to pick up garbage and pet waste. Keeping a clean campsite minimizes any reason for wildlife to visit your campsite. It also helps simplifies your pack up and departure.

The bottom line:

A little planning and a positive attitude can go a long way to making your next camping trip a memorable success.

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