Coleman® Sleeping Bag Technologies

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Zipper for snag-free opening and closing
Roll Controll Logo
Roll Controls™
System that keeps your sleeping bag or camp pad straight while rolling it up
Thermolock Logo
Draft tube that prevents heat loss through the zipper
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Designed to surround your face in softness
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Temperatures - Coleman understands the importance of accurate temperature ratings. We have scientifically calculated temperature ratings based on insulation values obtained through the American Society of Testing and Materials. With this research in mind, clearly marked Coleman® packaging describes which activities each bag is best suited for and at what temperatures. Each Coleman® sleeping bag is designed and sold for the most comfortable overnight stay, at home and away.

Sizes - Sleepers come in all sizes. If you're built husky or tall, our Tall and Big & Tall bags are built for you. If you just prefer some extra room, these bags also offer greater freedom of movement inside the bag. Remember though, more space inside the bag requires more body heat to stay warm.