Coleman® Cooler Technology

Coleman® coolers are among the most durable and dependable coolers available. Countless hours have been spent designing and re-engineering our coolers to assure that your food is kept cold until you are ready to eat.

Coleman® Coolers

Coleman® Cooler Features

A small Coleman beverage cooler with the lid slid open to reveal several cans on the inside and a Coleman-branded stainless steel water bottle resting in the cup holder on the lid. A small bag of peanuts is also sitting on the lid behind the water bottle.

Same Space, Smaller Cooler

With smarter insulation technology, we have created coolers with smaller exterior dimensions but with the same internal storage capacity and ice retention of past models.

The corner of a Coleman Cooler with the sides cut away to display the insulation that runs from the bottom, up the sides and into the lid.

Better Insulation Placement

Using thermal imaging, we discovered that 60% of the cold escapes coolers through the bottom and top. We moved insulation into these areas to help lock in ice-cold temperatures.

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ThermoZone™ Insulation

This future-friendly foam insulation contains no CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs, which deplete the ozone layer.

Additional Coleman® Cooler Features

The additional features outlined below vary depending on which cooler you choose.

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