Coleman® Shelter Technology

Coleman® shelters provide quick and easy access to shade while still allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze on your outing. Our shelters are designed to for easy setup and takedown; the fabric blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and they are durable enough to withstand high winds.

Coleman® Shelters

Coleman® Shelter 3-Step Setup

Once you are familiarized with the three-step process, setting up a shelter should take three minutes.

1. Extend the Frame

A man and woman extending the frame of a Coleman shelter

2. Attach the Canopy

A man and a woman attaching the top canopy/canvas to the extended shelter frame

3. Extend the Poles

A man and woman extending the side poles of a Coleman shelter

Coleman® Shelter Safety Features

UVGuard Logo

UVGuard™ Fabric

Certified laboratory testing proves Coleman® UVGuard™ fabrics provide excellent protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays. Proper use of sunscreen with shelters made with UVGuard™ fabric can go a long way in the battle against sunburns and ultraviolet exposure.

The ComfortGrip logo superimposed on a man's hand grabbing the comfort grip mechanism at the top of a shelter frame.

ComfortGrip™ Extender

Telescoping poles that are ergonomically-designed with Coleman's exclusive push-button release levers so your fingers stay safe during setup and takedown. One squeeze locks or releases the pole tabs and provides pinch-free operation, as opposed to the standard push button.

Coleman® Shelter Video