Q: What's your first memory with Coleman?

A: I first purchased the Coleman 2-Burner Propane stove for my camping adventures and it immediately elevated my camp meals! I remember the first meal I made with the stove; it was chicken quesadillas after a 4-mile hike.

Q: Why the Coleman Collective?  

A: The Coleman Collective is aiding in my mission to make the outdoors more accessible to women through designing great gear at a fraction of the average cost.

Q: How would you describe your community?

A: My community is full of eager beginners ready to learn about how to get outside and join a community of like-minded individuals!

Q: What are some ways you’ve helped introduce new people to having fun in the outdoors?

A: In early 2020, I started to post on TikTok about beginner hiking and backpacking tips. I started posting several informational videos about hiking and backpacking. From there, my videos started reaching beginner outdoors people who wanted to know how to make friends in the outdoors. I thought to myself, I have the same frustration! I could never find anyone (outside of my one friend) who wanted to hike, camp, or backpack with me.

Q: What’s your go-to campsite recipe?

A: My go-to campsite recipe is black bean tacos because it is the perfect blend of fresh and fulfilling. I start with a can of black beans (drained or not, you decide) and a bag of taco seasoning. Combine those and heat over low. Then start prepping your fresh ingredients: lettuce, tomato, avocado, and onion. Spread out your toppings: sour cream, cheese, and a local picante salsa. Then you simply assemble and enjoy!

Q: What roadblocks, if any, do you see for encouraging others to get outdoors?

A: One of the biggest roadblocks that I see for encouraging people to get outdoors is the cost of entry into their chosen activity. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on gear, but that is not realistic for many who desire to get outside.

Q: What’s one thing everyone should start doing to positively impact the environment?

A: My biggest hope in the outdoor community that I have fostered is that everyone will Leave No Trace when they are out and about exploring the world. You can learn the 7 Principles in a few minutes and save the environment by implementing them when you explore. Everyone should have the chance to access and explore the lovely places that outdoor enthusiasts treasure, so Leave No Trace!

Q: What are your outdoor Coleman essentials?

A: My Coleman essentials are the 2-Burner Propane Stove and the PEAK1™ Design 2-Person Tent.

Q: What's typically in your cooler?

A: You will always find a crisp kombucha in my cooler for that post-hiker thirst!

Q: How would you reimagine a better tomorrow?

A: The better tomorrow I reimagine is one where everyone can enjoy the outdoors regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, location, or socioeconomic status.