Q: What's your first memory with Coleman?

A: My first memory with Coleman is from gathering for family BBQs back home in Chicago on the 4th of July. It was always one of the year's highlights as my dad would put on a huge firework show for the entire neighborhood. I remember our drinks and popsicles housed in a red and white Coleman cooler and everyone constantly running to it to keep cool throughout the day.

Q: Why the Coleman Collective?  

A: The outdoor industry has not always prioritized diversity and inclusion. The Coleman Collective has made it a mission to share outdoor stories from all people from all walks of life and varying stages of their outdoor journey. As a black mom raising kids to love and adventure outdoors, that’s very important to me.

Q: What organization or cause do you support?

A: I support Black Kids Adventures, a nonprofit organization whose work is in helping expose kids and educate and empower families to participate in outdoor adventure activities.

Q: How would you describe your community?

A: Huntsville is growing like wildflowers and is increasingly becoming a melting pot as time goes on. I love it here because we have so many great options to recreate outdoors.

Q: What are some ways you’ve helped introduce new people to having fun in the outdoors?

A: I’ve helped introduce new people to having fun outdoors through my blog, sharing our adventures via social media, inviting friends to join me, and hosting community meetups.

Q: What’s your go-to campsite recipe?

A: As a mom of three young boys, our go-to campsite recipe is classic s’mores. While my boys are perfectly content snacking on that, I do aim to spice it up by mixing up the s’mores ingredients. A newly used recipe we all enjoy is the cookies and cream s’mores.

Cookies and Cream S'mores:
• Chocolate sandwich cookies
• Marshmallows
• Cookies and cream candy bar.
*Try vanilla-flavored marshmallows for a twist on flavor.

Q: What roadblocks, if any, do you see for encouraging others to get outdoors?

A: One of the biggest roadblocks in encouraging others to get outdoors is helping them see and understand that their journey is theirs. It doesn’t need to look or feel like anyone else’s!

Q: What are some tips or resources you like to share with people new to camping to help them be responsible in natural environments?

A: Start where you are! If your comfort level isn’t camping in the wild yet, don’t feel you have to do it. There’s no shame in camping in your backyard, a cabin, or RV.

Q: What are your outdoor Coleman essentials?

A: Our essentials are our Coleman backpack cooler, Kids Quad Chairs, Cross Rockers, and a canopy tent.

Q: How would you reimagine a better tomorrow?

A: When I reimagine a better tomorrow, I see a world where people of color are better represented in the outdoors.