Esky® Cooler Cleaning and Care

Normally, washing your Esky® Series cooler with soap and warm water works the best. For more intense cleanings, use a 6:1 solution of warm water and bleach with a slightly abrasive sponge or rag. Always rinse and dry thoroughly before use.

Maximize Ice Retention

  • Cooler Prep. Store your Esky® Series cooler in a cool location and only pack it with pre-chilled items. The colder you start out, the longer everything will stay cold.
  • Best Ice to Use. When it comes to ice, bigger is slower and smaller is faster. Big ice blocks take longer to cool items, but also take longer to melt. Cubed ice chills and melts fast.
  • Reduce Air Exposure. Ice melts faster when cooling the surrounding air. To reduce this form of melting, fill the entire cooler space with ice or towels. Always make sure your Esky® Series cooler is latched tightly and minimize the time the cooler is open.