Esky® Extended Ice Retention

It’s not just your Esky® Series cooler that will endure the outdoors – your ice will too. A variety of high-performance features combine to lock in the cold and keep your ice lasting as long as you do.

A diagram displaying a cross section of an Esky Cooler on the left with various points labeling the insulation and interlocking airflow barrier feature. The bottom left-hand corner shows an American flag in a circular frame next to the words ‘Made in the USA’. The right side of the diagram displays an open cooler with points labeling the gasket and cork-fit lid features.
Airflow Barrier

Several features working together to stop air flow for better ice retention

  • Gasket Seal - Creates an airtight seal
  • Cork Fit Lid - Tighter fitting lid enhances seal performance
  • Liner Ridge - Eliminates gap between lid and cooler body from which cold air can escape
2.5-IN. Lid and Floor Insulation
Retains the cold where most is lost
2-IN. Sidewall Insulation
Enhanced cooler performance