Coleman® NorthStar® Lantern Technology

The Coleman Company, Inc. began over 100 years ago with a light that outshone all the others. Today, we continue that tradition with our NorthStar® Line and its patented, tube-mantle technology that offers superior performance and a porcelain-coated ventilator design that resists rust for legendary durability.

Coleman® NorthStar® Lanterns

NorthStar® Lantern Features

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PerfectFlow™ System

A steady stream of fuel is provided in any weather condition, for a consistent flame. This is achieved by the PerfectFlow™ Regulator.

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All-Season Performance

Coleman® liquid-fuel-powered lanterns operate reliably in all weather conditions.

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Dual Fuel™ Design

The NorthStar® Lantern can burn both unleaded gasoline and Coleman® liquid fuel.

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Brigtness ratings

Each lantern has a brightness rating, in lumens, so you can easily find the right product for your needs.

Additional Features

Inclusion of the features below depends on the lantern you choose.

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