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Try these fun recipes for any camping or tailgating outing.

Save yourself some time and mix everything the night before. Wake up with the sun and have this ready by the time the rest of your camp rises for the day.

Take a lesson from your local barbecue joint and hand out wipes at the end of the meal. A cold-water tap isn’t going to cut it with these finger-lickin’ ribs.

Charred, spicy sausage paired with roasted sweet peppers and onions is a winner through and through. Add slices of provolone to the hoagies for a meaty, cheese option. You can substitute other smoke sausages or bratwurst if you prefer.

This gourmet quesadilla pairs perfectly with a crisp cider or white wine. You may substitute plain Dijon mustard for the whole- grain version.

Serve this hearty breakfast sandwich before a day of hiking. The lemony mayonnaise complements the smoky bacon, elevating this sandwich to the highest peak.

Enjoy this sweet campfire twist on traditional monkey bread.

This delicious dip is made in aluminum foil- cleanup couldn’t be easier! Serve with bagged bagel crisps or grilled bread. Caramelize the onions at home before you leave, and store in an airtight container in your cooler until ready to use.

Strip steak, otherwise known as a New York strip or top sirloin, comes from the short loin behind the ribs. Look for steaks with lots of fat marbling.

Dumpling-like gnocchi, sold near the dried pastas, serves as the fortifying base for this skillet dish.

Drop biscuits are the easiest to make since there’s no rolling or cutting required, an ideal and filling camping breakfast. The tasty sage- enhanced gravy comes together easily while the biscuits cook.

Decadent and chocolaty, this desert also goes easy on the cooler, with a bit of butter the only ingredient that needs to be kept cool. It’s a big win for the last night of a campout.

Cooking these burgers in a cast-iron skillet creates a wonderful even crust on the outside. Look for the chopped green chiles in the international aisle of your local grocery store.

Look for shrimp that are 16/v20 count- that is, about 16 to 20 shrimp per pound. Impress your crew with an unexpected, zesty meal that can be on the table very quickly if you peel and devein the shrimp at home.

This tasty snack is perfect for eating around the campfire while listening to ghost stories. Prepare these balls prior to leaving for your trip. Feel free to use 8 cups of your favorite brand of plain, popped corn, instead of popping your own.

Berry-licious! The flavors of strawberry and blueberry stay distinct if you don’t stir the fillings together. Pour cold whipping cream over the top when it’s piping hot for a creamy contrast.

Impress the other campers with this simple but sophisticated dish. It’s delicious with grilled asparagus, squash, zucchini, corn, and potatoes.

Fresh summer vegetables star in this simple grilled pizza recipe. A sprinkle of fresh basil and red pepper flakes gives this pizza and irresistible freshness.

This giant cookie is a sweet, indulgent treat that tastes like a traditional campfire s’more. The cookie base is soft and gooey when warm, but firms up after cooling. Bonus: Little kids will be spared a scorched marshmallow or burned fingers.

You’ll be the hit of the campsite with everyone’s favorite campsite dessert served at breakfast. If cooking for a crowd, keep the finished sandwiches wrapped in foil. This recipe is best served the first morning, while the French bread is still fresh.

Mexican chorizo easily crumbles, unlike its Spanish counterpart, which is dried, cured, and similar to salami.

Jerky is a perfect snack to have on hand when camping, since it requires no refrigeration and is high in protein. This should be made prior to leaving for your camping trip.

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