Sevylor - The original since 1948

A pair of side-by-side images. The left image shows four people (two males, two females) walking along a beach with half-a-dozen paddle boards, of various sizes and designs, leaning against a steep hillside in the background. The right image is an overhead shot of a lake with nine people (a mix of men and women) on a variety of inflatable flotation devices.

At Sevylor we share a simple aim: to make high-quality, affordable inflatable water sport and recreation products, all of which encourage people to get outside and have fun. Since our first international success in 1949, we’re proud to have established a global reputation as a market leader with unique designs, original inventions and imagination at the forefront of what we do. Leaders in innovation our inflatables cover a broad spectrum of activities and include standup paddleboards, kayaks, boats and more. Over sixty five years of experience, together with the latest design technology, allows us to offer cutting edge products that meet the highest levels of quality and deliver customer satisfaction. Designed to be portable and practical, all our products have one thing in common: to inspire people to get outside and enjoy themselves. We Take fun seriously. The road from Sevylor’s founding in 1948 as the dominant supplier of a wide range of water sport inflatables from river running kayaks to brightly standup paddleboards is still going strong today, with unique designs, original inventions and imagination.

Sevylor® products trace their origin to a small company that built electrical accessories in post WWII France. As a sideline, they stumbled on a process that allowed them to use their high-frequency welding machines to manufacture PVC goods. The invention of an inflatable bathtub transformed the small company into the world's dominant supplier of PVC inflatables.

Today, chances are if someone is having fun on the water, they are on a Sevylor® product. Our products are up to the task to make it safe, and keep it fun. So have some fun with an old friend - after all, we've been taking fun very seriously for over 60 years.