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Blue Coleman tent. Blue Coleman tent.

The center of your camping trip, a tent can make or break your adventure. The more comfortable you are inside, the more fun you’ll have outside. After all, well-rested campers are happy campers.



Cooking is for outdoors:

The most critical thing to remember is to never use a stove or fuel lantern inside your tent. If you need an indoor light, instead use a much safer option like a battery-operated lantern or flashlight.

A window to a better rest:

Ensure a better night’s sleep by unzipping the tops of your windows before you hit the sleeping bag. This minor adjustment will promote airflow through the tent, in turn keeping sleepers cooler and more comfortable. On muggy evenings, open the bottom of the windows to create a bit of a chimney.

Green Coleman tents and a hammock. Green Coleman tents and a hammock.

Make it a morning ritual:

Upon awakening from your slumber, unzip your sleeping bag to let it air out. Once it’s dry, fluff it up a bit for a softer and more comfortable sleep the next night.

Time to pack up:

When it’s time to head home, clean and dry out the tent before you take it down. Make rolling and storing the tent easier by opening doors and windows in order to allow air to escape during the packing process. Rolling the tent toward the open doors and windows also helps.

Push, don’t pull:

Remove the tent poles first. Resist your urge to yank out the poles. Alternatively, push them through and they’ll last longer.

A pole to measure by:

When you’re putting the tent away, be sure it gets back in its case by folding it no wider than the collapsed poles. Roll your tent lightly and neatly with poles and stakes (in their bags) rolled into the tent body. This technique uses the tent poles as a structure to help roll the tent. A slow, tight roll of the tent is one of the most effective ways to compact the tent for an easy fit into the storage bag.

Take care of your tent:

While tents don’t cost nearly as much as actual homes, they are not an expense you want to absorb every season. Instead, spare that money for site reservations and supplies! The following tactics will help keep your tent in good shape, year after year:

  • Use a tarp as an underlayment to keep any unseen debris from poking through the bottom.
  • Position the door away from the wind to keep gusts from attempting to carry your camp home away!
  • On longer trips, set your tent up in the site’s shadiest area. Extended heat from sunlight can damage the tent’s nylon surface layer.
  • Do not put your tent in a washing machine. To clean it after a rainy or dusty trip, just use a sponge and water mixed with a little mild soap.
  • Seal the tent seams every season. This keeps rain out – and makes for dry and happy campers!
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