Tips for Packing Up Your Coleman® Camping Gear at Home

Tips for Packing Up Your Coleman® Camping Gear at Home


Spend less time getting all your gear together and more time relaxing at the campsite. With just a little planning, you can cut down the amount of time you need to get ready for your next trip.

Turn Unpacking into Prepacking

Experienced campers know a time-saving tactic: they prepack for their next trip as they unpack from the current one. Create a packing checklist, print out a copy, and check off items as you put them into the bins. Then, tape the checklist to the bin when you’re done. When it’s time to go camping again, you’ll know what gear is already packed.

Don’t Store Sleeping Bags & Pads into Stuff Sacks

Sleeping bags last longer, stay fluffier, and avoid getting mildew if you air them out before putting them away. Place them inside larger, looser sleeping bag storage bags instead of stuff sacks. If you have the space, you can store them by hanging them up. Learn more about storing your sleeping bag. 

Scrub Out the Cooler

Clean out your cooler and then leave it to completely dry in the sun before shutting the lid and packing it away. Learn more about caring for your cooler.

Wipe Down the Camping Stove with Warm Water & Dish Soap

You’ll want to clean your stove before packing it away so it doesn’t attract any insects or other pests while in storage. Disassemble the stove (instructions should be included in the manual) and clean the parts individually in the kitchen sink. Learn more about caring for your stove.