How to Clean & Store Your Coleman® Sleeping Bag

How to Clean & Store Your Coleman® Sleeping Bag


You’ve used your sleeping bag for multiple camping trips and it’s starting to show. It’s time for a good cleaning.

The easiest way to clean your sleeping bag is taking it to a self-serve laundromat, because most people don’t have a commercial-grade, front-loading, over-sized washer and dryer at home. Wash it with a mild detergent in cold water. Dry it on the lowest temperature available or just hang it and let it air dry. DO NOT take it to a dry cleaner or try to use a standard washer and dryer at home. You can also hand-wash your sleeping bag in the bathtub in cold water using mild detergent. Whichever method you choose, make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry before rolling it up.

The rolling process is generally the same for most sleeping bags, though some have special features to help you pack it up. If you have a rectangular-shaped bag, start by folding it in half lengthwise, like a hotdog bun. Most Coleman® sleeping bags feature the Roll Control™ system—a toggle and loop system along the sides to keep the bag straight wh

Once you’re done rolling it, bags featuring the Quick Cord™ system makes rolling it up and fastening it a cinch without tying. There’s a looped cord on one side and a straight cord with a hook on the other side. Pull the loop toward you, feed the cord through and wrap it around the bag so it’s wrapped tight, then connect the hook to the looped cord until it’s in place. If your sleeping bag includes the Wrap ’N Roll™ feature—the one with a flap at the end— just continue to roll it into the built-in carrier. Mummy bags are even easier. Just start stuffing it feetfirst into the included sack. This way, all the air escapes out of the head end, opening, or hood.

When the camping season is over and you’re ready to store your sleeping bag long-term, take your sleeping bag out of its stuff sack or carrier. It will help it stay fluffier longer.