Tips for a Fun Kayaking Day Trip

Tips for a Fun Kayaking Day Trip


Hop on board a kayak for a fun summer adventure. Kayaking can easily be done as a day trip or even as a short activity. Most major cities with access to a body of water offer kayak rentals. Being on the water is a great way to cool off from the summer heat and you get to see your city in a whole new way from inside or atop a kayak.

One city that is notable for its kayaking is Chattanooga, Tennessee. A short drive from Nashville, Atlanta, and Knoxville, Chattanooga features a revitalized riverfront along the Tennessee River Blueway. The Blueway is designated as a National Scenic River Trail, offering kayakers, canoeists, and standup paddleboarders the opportunity to paddle through wildlife preserves.

Before You Go
Understand Your Ability Level

Many rivers are known for their rapids, which may not be ideal for a beginner kayaker. Fortunately, the Tennessee River Blueway is a calmer waterway perfect for beginners. If you’re more advanced or are interested in taking a lesson, ocean kayaking is also a great way to get on the water but please be sure to check the conditions. You don’t want to kayak in choppy, turbulent waters.  

Know the Local Regulations

Many states have different laws when it comes to paddling sports. The laws in which you must wear your life jacket vary by state so make sure you check before you start paddling. Kayak rental companies should be aware of the state laws as well.

Bring Sun Protection & Drinking Water

Kayaking is a fun sport but can easily dehydrate your body. Shade can be difficult to find on open water so wear sunscreen and breathable long sleeves. Also, bring a hat and plenty of water. Some kayaks have enough room to stow a small cooler, so bringing a soft cooler or even a small hard cooler is usually not a problem.

Tips for the Ultimate Kayaking Experience:
  • Plan your first kayak trip to be short so as not to overexert yourself
  • Check the local weather forecast for potential rain or high winds
  • Start out first thing in the morning when the water is most calm
  • Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Bring snacks that are high in protein to give you energy  
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