Lantern and Stove Repair

Coleman Lantern and Stove Repair Service:

Flat Rate Service (FRS) ensures that your lantern or stove will be returned to original factory specifications for performance. FRS includes labor, all necessary repair parts, and return shipping. FRS does not include painting, polishing or other aesthetic improvements. In other words, your serviced lantern or stove will have the same appearance it had when you sent it to Coleman.

Click Here to download the service form.

Service is available for the following lanterns and stoves:

  • Dual fuel lanterns (1927-present)
  • Dual fuel stoves (1938-present)
  • Kerosene lanterns (1974-present)
  • Propane lanterns (1974-present)
  • Propane stoves (1969-present)

To determine the production date of your product, look for a date stamp that is in MMYY format (e.g. 0195 is January 1995).

If we cannot repair your lantern or stove we will contact you to discuss options.


Liquid Fuel Lantern


Liquid Fuel Stove


Propane Lantern


Propane Stove


Make checks payable to: The Coleman Co., Inc.

Shipping Instructions:

Please ship the lantern or stove with the completed service form (click the link below) and check to:

The Coleman Company, Inc.

Attn: Service Dept

3600 N Hydraulic

Wichita, KS 67219

Allow 8-10 weeks for service and return shipping.

Important steps to take before shipping:

Click Here to download the service form.

  • Drain all liquid fuel from the lantern or stove before shipping.
  • Do not ship propane cylinders with the lantern or stove.
  • Do not ship the glass globe or ventilator (top cover) with lanterns.